Celebrating the docking of the Phoenicia in the port of Tripoli

Thursday, 21 October 2010 at t
he Municipal palace, the Port municipality celebrated the anchorage of the "Phoenicia" in the Port of Tripoli, in the presence of deputy mayor Antoine Kok representing the mayor, Mr. Mohamed Issa, members of the municipal council, representative of the Minister of Economy and Trade Mohammed Al Safadi Dr. Mustafa Helweh, Ambassador of Uruguay Jorge Khoury, representative of MP Suleiman Franjieh Werfalli Diab, global president of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world Eid al-Shdrawi, Lubna Obeid, in addition to the region and supporting bodies and contribute to the voyage of the ship in the Sea basin The Mediterranean.

Following a speech by Samer Dabliz about the voyage of the Phoenicia, al-Shdrawi delivered a speech saying: "In front of this great historical event, the anchoring of the Phoenician ship in the port of Tripoli al Faiha, we dive together in the sea of the glories of our small homeland in space and great in its greatness. Lebanon this beloved nation has been through ancient times the focus of the East and West and a centre of radiation and light go hajj the peoples of the earth as a whole. This civilization, which originated from the sprawling cities on the shores of Lebanon from the south to the north, from Tyre, Sidon, Beirut, Jbeil and Tripoli, and also from the port of Acre to the island of Arwad, where ships made of Lebanese Rice billows the sea in the direction of Europe and Africa to India and China carrying products of Lebanon from a A purple pigment, glass and pottery to barter with other countries ' products of copper, gold, perfume and spices. "

He added: "From the shores of the city of Jbeil or crafts, the alphabet began to prevail in the Western world. The rest of the astronomical and philosophical sciences were launched, and their exploits were the basic yeast that our contemporary world had adopted in the shipbuilding and commercial sciences, and they were not forced to fight, dominate and occupy land, but to spread culture, science and knowledge. "

"We at the Lebanese Cultural University in the world have been, and continue to be, to reunite the Lebanese spread, wherever it may be, to tighten the bonds of love and friendship with the motherland of Lebanon. We are mindful of the rich history of Lebanon in all the fields of scientific and civilizational development. This Lebanese deployment, with its enormous scientific, moral and material potential, has been able to occupy the highest positions in the countries in which it resides, building on the best relations between it and the motherland of Lebanon, working to strengthen the bonds of trust, friendship and respect, spreading the moral and cultural value of Lebanon to Top international platforms ".

He saluted "the sons of Tripoli and Mina for their massive reception, and the leader of the Phoenician ship and its crew for the tremendous efforts they have made to accomplish this historic project."

"Phoenicia sails in time and space to keep track of the secrets of our ancestors in the low-lying coastal region of Canaan," said Port mayor Antoine Cakes. "Phoenicia" salutes the historic and legendary journeys that our ancestors had been doing, for whom the coasts of the sea were the springboard for exploration, adventure, and human and commercial exchange, they were the first to challenge the oceans, thus becoming one of the most famous sailors throughout history. "

He added: "Phoenicia wanted to test the hardships and explorations that the ancestors had experienced, so they made themselves like their boats, and they roamed their seas as they did in centuries before Christmas. How did they live these sea adventures? What discoveries did they reap? How could they spread their trade, culture and language in the fount to the people they interacted with? "

"Phoenicia comes from the glories of history on an agenda in which her mistresses meet the cities that wore purple. The port is not the least of them, it fires in joy at the moment of the encounter, and opens its arms to welcome the "Vinakia" to inspire these glories, to reserve a bright seat on board, sailing with him to a brighter and shining future. "
conclusion, he thanked the Lions Club and the Lebanese Cultural University of the world for accompanying the "Phoenicia" trip to her country, Lebanon, the city of the wave and the horizon, the boats and the fishermen. "

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