About Us


Thank you for stopping by the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU). The WLCU is an International Non-governmental Organization (I.N.G.O.) founded in Mexico City in 1959.

WLCU Mission Statement:

The WLCU strives to unite descendants of Lebanese origin and friends of Lebanon into one worldwide organization or union with the aim to promote and preserve Lebanese culture and heritage and to ensure its spirit for generations to come.

Goals of WLCU:

  • Promote and preserve the Lebanese culture and identity.
  • Network people of Lebanese origin from all over the world.
  • Provide Resources and information thru the website which will serve as a cyber community that links people to share ideas, resource, projects, etc.
  • Be model citizens and contribute positively to our local communities and our countries through local chapters and clubs.
  • Work on exciting positive projects using a team approach.
  • Contribute positively to our motherland.
  • To support, respect and promote the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
  • To back the existence, sovereignty, and independence of Lebanon as a final homeland to all Lebanese nationals.


The World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) is an independent International Non-governmental Organization (I.N.G.O.) that was founded in 1960. The WLCU was instituted to promote the cultural aspects of the Lebanese people throughout the world. The WLCU is a non-profit organization, non-sectarian, and independent of the Lebanese government. The interest of the organization includes the preservation of the homeland as an independent democratic country, which promotes human rights, freedom and justice.


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