The Arrival of the Phoenician Ship to Mina-Tripoli-20 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
The sailing ship “Phoenicia” arrived in the waters of port city-Tripoli this morning as part of its visit to the coastal cities of Lebanon, and was in the sea of dozens of boats and dhows crane Lebanese flags and implemented circular rounds welcome The “Phoenicia” at the Tripoli coast.

At 11, the ship docked at the fisherman’s Wharf off the municipal palace, where hundreds of citizens, public and private school students, popular delegates, and representatives of social and Community bodies, advanced by the deputy mayor of Port Antoine Alkok, members of the municipal council and the World President Lebanese cultural University in the world Eid al-Shdrawi accompanied by the head of Lebanon office at the university Tony Saints and chairman of the Business and Economics committee Antoine Mansi and the Lions director in Tripoli Nelly Al Husseini and Governor of Rotary Lebanon Jamil Mouawad accompanied by George Zbller and Ola Al Humahand President of Rotary Tripoli, Leila Krami, Zgrita Jean Bonasev, Los Angeles Faris Wahba, president of Tripoli Development Society, Port Antoine Habib and chairman of the Environment Care Committee in Port Amer al-Haddad.

In the courtyard of the Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular ceremony was held with the support of the Association for determination and Happiness and the Safadi Foundation to welcome the ship’s captain Philippe Piyal and his nine crew. Scout teams provided national musicians, while community associations offered foloklori and folk dances.
e audience and crew travelled to the Municipal palace, where the vice-president of the municipal council delivered a welcoming speech in which he said: “In the name of the port, the city of the wave and the horizon, and its municipality as president and members welcome the ship” Phoenicia “and its captain and members of his team who embodied the ancient history of the Phoenician people who They crossed the seas and transported to all the worlds of knowledge and civilization, where their journeys were the springboard for exploration and adventures to spread their trade and culture. The harbour through the ages was the crossroads of the Phoenician kingdoms on the shores of the Mediterranean. ”
puty Mayor Antoine Al-Kok invited him to attend the ceremony, which will be held at the 5th evening in the Municipal palace to commemorate the docking of the “Phoenicia” in the Port of Tripoli.
e captain of the ship and his crew and the attendees also took the lunch to the table of a member of the Tripoli Municipal Council and the owner of the “Literary Saloon” Fadila fital in the presence of social and cultural events.

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