A delegation from the Lebanese cultural University of the World in North America meeting with deputy Sheikh Sami Gemayel

Monday, 01 November 2010 A de
legation from the Lebanese cultural University of the World in North America held a meeting with Deputy Sheikh Sami Gemayel during his visit to Boston. The delegation was chaired by the Continental President, Professor Elias Kassab, and the member of the Continental Vice president for the United States, engineer David Abi Shaker, Professor Ibrahim Tanous, head of the Boston branch of the university, the owner of the newspaper profile news, engineer Francois Abu Noman, chief of the New York branch, and Mr. Ibrahim Dagher Former international relations officer at the University, media advisor to the University Secretary general Dr. Alfred Saad, and a number of university officials in the United States and Canada.

The delegation thanked the beautiful deputy for his support to the university and for his bold positions in defending the rights of expatriates, in particular his recent position regarding their right to vote. The delegation commended the beautiful positions in support of the university's independence and the advocate for the lifting of the hand.

The delegation then expressed the concern of expatriates about what was happening in Lebanon, and they listened to the beautiful MP for his perception of the situation and his view of
the developments and ways to solve their dilemmas. The delegation praised the move by the beautiful MP towards the US administration, especially the Senate, to move US military assistance to the Lebanese Army.

The delegation explained to the beautiful deputy the role of the university in the United Nations as belonging to the non-governmental organizations of the international Organization. The delegation then a
ssured the beautiful deputy that the university was and will continue to support the motherland of Lebanon, in support of its freedom, sovereignty and independence, and that the university will spare no effort in investing its relations with the governments of the United States and Canada, to employ them for this and to serve all the issues of the nation.

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