125 years after the birth of the great Lebanese writer Gibran Khalil Jubran

Lebanese cultural University celebrates independence and Jubran

On the occasion of the sixty-fifth anniversary of Lebanon’s independence, and 125 years after the birth of the great Lebanese writer Gibran Khalil Jubran, the Lebanese cultural University of the world wanted a branch of business in France headed by businessman Antoine Mansi, vice president of the University, in cooperation with the branch The university in France, headed by Roger Hani, gathered the celebration of the two events in one celebration, benefiting from Gibran’s international fame to show The Shining civilizational face of the country of rice.

The successful ceremony was held at the Grand UNESCO Hall in Paris last Tuesday under the patronage of the Ambassador of Lebanon to UNESCO Sylvie Fadl, represented by Mrs. Alnan Khaddaj, and the Lebanese delegation to UNESCO and in cooperation with the Lebanese tourism office in Paris.

The ceremony was attended by the Director General of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, Ms. Nada Sarduk, who came specially from Lebanon to participate and the Ambassador of Lebanon in France, Peter Asaker, represented by the Chargé d’affaires ghadi Khoury in addition to more than 1200 people from the Lebanese community in France and a large collection of Arab friends of Lebanon Foreigners and a number of Arab and foreign diplomatic, political and economic personalities.

A large group of Lebanese and foreign artists who donated their presence participated in the commemoration, as the proceeds of the ceremony were devoted to the construction of the Ain Abel Hospital in southern Lebanon.

After welcoming Roger Hani, president of the National Council of France, Ms. Khaddaj delivered the speech of Ambassador Fadl Allah and then World Vice President Antoine Mansi gave a speech in which he noted the importance of Jubran and invited the Lebanese to take the initiative of registering their names at the Lebanese Consulate to keep the link with the country, especially Ready to exercise their right soon in the legislative elections, which is one of the most important issues that the Lebanese cultural University in the world is seeking to achieve. Mansi noted the importance of this step in enhancing the role of the Lebanese in building their homeland and deciding their future. 
Special forms have been distributed to those present for the purpose of filling and depositing the Lebanese consulate.

Amid the current economic and financial crisis in the world, Antoine Mansi said in one of his books, “Will is a nation that eats not cultivated, is worn from the Unwoven”, stressing the need for Lebanese businessmen to contribute abroad to invest in Lebanon to support the wheel of prosperity and development.

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