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Norman Nahas, President of the Lebanese chamber of commerce in Halifax.


Norman Nahas is a Professional Engineer who manages Norman Nahas
his family owned land development business, which focuses on building communities, as well as their chain of quick service restaurants, King of Donair.


Norman is currently serving his fourth term as President of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, which represents the voice of the Lebanese business community in Nova Scotia. The Lebanese Chamber works with public and private sectors to enhance the provincial immigration process and to help better the landscape for Lebanese businesses, graduates and students. 


After being inspired by the vision of the Lebanese Diaspora Village at the Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference in 2015, Norman took on the role of Chairman of the Canadian committee responsible for the development of the Lebanese Canadian House in Batroun.

Norman is also involved on the Advisory Board for the IWK Children’s hospital

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  1. I’m saddened to hear that Mr. Nahas has decided to turn the Oxford Theatre into a rock climbing business instead of a local arts centre, as he had indicated he supported. A local arts centre would have been a great boon to the community, and secured him a place in the creative vision of this city. Instead, he will cement his place as a developer for whom profit is everything.

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