Tripoli-North border railway to return

PIRC follow up meeting in Beirut (May 10, 2016)

Phoenician International Research centre( PIRC) meeting in Beirut:

Dr Antoine khoury Harb
and Mr Michel Assaf both honorary member of the PIRC, with Dr Nick kahwaji (Co-Founder) and Eng. Georges Faddoul (PIRC representative to lebanon, met in Beirut in May 2016 and discussed issues related to the phoenician heritage.

The transatlatic trip that Captain Philip Beale wants to make on board of his phoenician boat from UK to North America in spring 2017 was also on the agenda.

They were happy to learn that Eng Remi kahwaji, the CEO of the PIRC will be joining Captain beale on the transatlantic trip.
Dr Antoine Khoury harb offered his latest book Cadmous and Europe to Dr Nick kahwaji
He wrote:
To my friend Dr Nick kahwaji
Who personify the loyalty to his homeland mission and Heritage, by the depth of his knowledge and vigorous commitment.
Dr Antoine khoury Harb

   PIRC Cadmous coverpage

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