Prince Gharios of Ghassan

Prince Gharios of Ghassan, a Brazilian from Lebanese descent

Prince Gharios of Ghassan

Prince Gharios of Ghassan


Descending from saints, emperors, kings, nobles and heroes, His Highness Prince Gharios of Ghassan Al-Nu’Man VIII or in Arabic Emir Gharios (Ibn Jafna) Al-Ghassani Al-Nu’Man VIII is a legitimate descendant of the Arab Christian Ghassanid Kings, heir of the Byzantine Emperors from the Nikephoros (Phocid) and Macedonian Dynasty and from the Christian Sheikhs Chemor from Lebanon. His ascendants ruled until 1747 AD as legitimate descendants of the Ghassanid Kings. Prince Gharios is the Chief of Name and Arms of the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan and the Supreme Head of the Kingdom of Ghassan ~ Government-in-Exile. 

Also, Prince Gharios’ rights and titles were recognized by the International Arbitration Award number 0413/2011 that, according with the Brazilian Federal Law number 9307/96 has the very same legal value as a Federal Court Verdict and according with the the “1958 NY Convention on Arbitration” is a legal binding court decision in 142 nations in the world. Even being already “res judicata” (matter already judged not subject to appeal) by Brazilian Law, the International Award was recognized and enforced by the Los Angeles Superior Court in February 2012.

Due to his duties, His Highness has studied the International Jurisprudence of Dynastic and Nobility Law. Being a scholar of many subjects since young age, his efforts rendered several Honorary Degrees, especially in Theological studies. 

Authored the only specific book about Dynastic and Nobility Law in English today (“The End of a Myth”).

Never using his titles as “special leverage” Prince Gharios had a brilliant career in Entertainment in Brazil since 1994, in all areas: Movies, TV, Radio, Publishing, Music, Theater, etc. And recently established a second residence in Los Angeles, CA.

Is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and of the SATED (Brazilian SAG).

Is also a Master of Martial Arts being recently promoted to the 5th Dan (Degree of Black belt) in Aikido by his Master Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan 8th Dan and certificated by the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. Also holds black-belts in Karate and Kobudo (Japanese weapons).

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