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Lebanese-Canadian House in the emigrant village ,Batroun, Lebanon

Lebanon is the civilizations crossroads, especially in it’s historical citadel in Batroun.
Our goal is to bring back the lebanese expats to their homeland…Where they have a special place to live in and experience interaction with other expats from different countries.
Mr. Norman Nahas, President of The Canadian-Lebanese Chamber Of Commerce & Industry-Halifax Section, is leading this project with the support of the Lebanese Consulate Office, Dr Nick Kahwaji ( President of the WLCU -BC council) joined the committee upon invitation from H.E. Wadih Fares the Honorary consulate in Halifax.

Mr Norman Nahas (left) with Dr Nick kahwaji (right) met at the Titanic exhibition during the Lebanese diaspora Energy conference in Beirut May 2016


Diaspora village in Batroun

Minister Bassil and Russian ambassador Alexander Zasypkin inaugurated the Lebanese Russian house in the Diaspora village in Batroun during the last day of the LDE conference 2016.

A painting of the Lebanese emigrant by Artist Bernard Renno was donated to the ministry of foreign affairs to be displayed at the Russian house or the ministry building.

Lebanese Canadian house: actual situation




The first floor will be the coffee shop, the second floor is the Lebanese Canadian house,
on the left: a photo from the balcony toward the entrance of the Lebanese Canadian house.

Lebanese Canadian delegation presided by H.E. Sami Haddad and included
representatives from Nova Scotia, Alberta and BC, welcomed minister Bassil at the future Lebanese Canadian house. Mr Norman Nahas   showed him the restoration work in progress (the floor already finished) and discussion followed on the best way to portray the Canadian Multicultural heritage.

From left to right: Norman Nahas, Minister Bassil, Bassam Nahas, H.E. Sami Haddad.

Canadian delegations ( far right John Badr)



The Canadian delegation also visited the site of the future emigrant museum where the Titanic painting by Artiste Marie Khoury (chosen by the minister from the titanic exhibition) will be displayed.

lebanese canadian house with with titanic painting offered to museum 2
Read more about the Lebanese Canadian house project:
Lebanese-Canadian House in the emigrant village ,Batroun, Lebanon

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