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Colette Haddad a Lebanese painter, entered the Guinness World Record for the largest underwater painting.

Colette Haddad is a Lebanese painter, born in Beirut.

 Since her childhood, Colette had a love for painting that started with acrylic, and became a passion later on.Her paintings are her best way to express herself, reflect people’s emotions and archive scenes from history.

Colette had attended painting workshops and developed her skills though professional courses.In 2014, she started painting with oil on stretched canvas, and had her own workshop where she teaches painting.

October 2015 held her first international achievement when she broke the record of the “largest underwater painting”. This record was noted in the Guiness World Record. The painting is six squared meter Lebanese stamp, representing important monuments in Lebanon. “It’s a step to encourage and revive arts and heritage in our country”, said Colette.

Colette started in 2014 giving private courses in painting in order to help her students discover their talent and develop their knowledge through theoretical as well as practical sessions in her workshop in Hazmieh. 

Programs are various according to student’s age and personal progress in painting: 

– Basic colors and color mixing.

– Different drawing styles (free drawing, drawing in squares and live drawing).

– Different coloring styles (Water, Charcoal, Acrylic and Sanguine coloring).

– Theoretical sessions about artists, drawing styles and exhibitions.

– And finally, preparing in-workshop exhibitions of her student’s paintings.

Colette art classes are available:

Location: Notre Dame du Carmel – Hazmieh 

Students from all ages desiring to discover and develop their painting skills are welcomed to attend these courses.Drawing materials are available in the workshop.

Guiness record-Largest Underwater painting-Lebanon:

The Lebanese artist Colette Haddad entered the Guinness World Record for the largest underwater painting measuring 6 square meters outscoring the Danish painter Jesper Kikkenborg, and achieving a breakthrough for Lebanese women by working in the cold water of La Marina Dbayyeh, for two straight hours. Her painting has embodied the aquatic nature of Lebanon combining a wide range of icons, including, the Pigeon Rock of Rawche, the columns of Baalbek, a Phoenician galley, the traditional folklore dance (dabke) and the Lebanese emblem, in addition to Lebanon’s 10425 km2 surface area.(Al Diyar, February 26, 2016)


 colette Haddad underwater painting

The largest underwater painting measures 6 m² (64.58 ft²) and was created by Colette Haddad (Lebanon), at La Marina Dbayeh pool, in Beirut, Lebanon, on 30 October 2015.The painting measures 3 m in length and 2 m in width.

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