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The Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference 2016, developed with the purpose of celebrating the Lebanese Diaspora…

The Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference 2016

The Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) seeks to showcase the success stories of select Lebanese residents and expatriates, and motivate them to stay connected, while celebrating the Lebanese heritage and promoting the positive image of Lebanon around the world. LDE represents an occasion for Lebanese emigrants to return to their roots and develop a valuable cultural and social connection with their homeland. The event also enables influential Lebanese residents to meet thousands of leading Lebanese key players and decision-makers from the Diaspora.

LDE was developed with the purpose of:
LDE seeks to celebrate the success stories of select Lebanese expatriates, and motivate them to stay connected. The event’s conference will tackle issues concerning the Lebanese Diaspora and the establishment of effective means to maintain a close connection to their homeland. It is a gateway to return to their roots, which mostly marked the beginning of their journey to success.


     Amir klink(R.) Nick Kahwaji (L) with minister Gebran Bassil 

LDE is keen to highlight Lebanon’s cultural spark around the world through the different fields. It aims to promote Lebanon’s special imprint in the evolution of human civilizations throughout history, while working towards maintaining the special Lebanese essence among nations, which blends the nobility of heritage and the glamour of modernity.

LDE constitutes a tie of interest alongside its emotional aspect. It is a chance to share experiences, enhance relations, and establish business and social connections. The event seeks to form a network of successful people of Lebanese origins worldwide, in order to spread and diversify their domains of action on the individual, national, and international levels. LDE 2016 will feature a special B2B online platform where people can meet bilaterally or in groups to share experiences and discuss opportunities.

LDE is a patriotic initiative designed to support Lebanon. One of its objectives is to enact a more active diplomacy by revitalizing diplomatic efforts to enhance Lebanon’\s economy, while safeguarding our nationality, identity and culture. Together, Lebanese residents and expatriates can restore the world’s trust in the economy of Lebanon. On a more practical level, various on-ground projects have been promoted by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants (Lebanon Connect, Learn Arabic, Diaspora House, Diaspora Museum, Lebanese School, among others), in order to implement a strong sense of belonging to Lebanon.

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