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Mission & Vision of “Lebanon Dialogue Initiative”.

mission of Land of dialogue


To be an effective force in exploring and resolving human central issues by facilitating harmony in conflict-ridden societies and by promoting shared values for a global common good.

To designate Lebanon as a universal ‘Land of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures’ in response to the contemporary local, national and international disputes by contributing to conflict reduction, reconciliation, social justice, and peace building.

– We respect freedom and diversity among various identities commensurate with the natural law 
– We cultivate an environment of understanding and acceptance for sustainable peace
– We emphasize on the communities’ moral principles as the best way to discover the desired peaceful solutions to the challenges they face

– To ensure Lebanon’s historic and innate vocation to provide opportunities for peaceful settlements among nations
– To serve as a cross-cultural catalyst for sharing of nonviolent experiences and practices
– To propel the International Community through appropriate means to adopt Lebanon as a universal hub for dialogue that complements its mission towards promoting freedom, building peace and embracing co-existence 

– To create a global dynamic platform for an open cultural interaction and an effective socio-political exchange
– To acquire a universal recognition of Lebanon as a ‘Land of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures’
– To address the United Nations through governmental and non-governmental channels to establish a permanent international Center for Dialogue and Peace Building in Lebanon

– Conduct awareness campaigns to reach out to the different stakeholders and to the public at large
– Organize public, private and special conferences, round tables and workshops to tackle the relative social, economic and cultural issues 
– Carry out  researches and studies to address imminent problems and challenges
– Provide scientific insights to advance appropriate resolutions 
– Foster academic interventions to enhance favorable public policies

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