“Live Lebanon” is a UNDP initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Emigrants…

In modern day societies, it can be difficult for a person or community to take notice of struggling communities in need. All of Live Lebanon UNDP’s time is dedicated to these underprivileged, overlooked communities in Lebanon. Live Lebanon reaches out to the immense Lebanese diaspora worldwide and gives them the opportunity to support the people in their homeland that are in need with important community based initiatives. Their support, whether its through funds or contributing time, makes it possible for Live Lebanon to make a difference on serious health, environmental, and educational issues.

 Live Lebanon is divided into four areas of development: Young Lebanon, Green Lebanon, Prosperous Lebanon, and Healthy Lebanon. Each project is intricately planned in collaboration with municipalities, cooperatives and NGOs and the Live Lebanon team follows its progress carefully. Once a project is completed, those who contributed to its success are notified and invited to its inauguration so they can feel the same pride and joy that the Live Lebanon team experiences with successful community based initiative.

 How we make it happen:

 Live Lebanon’s initiatives would not be possible without our Goodwill Ambassadors. The Goodwill Ambassadors establish the connection between Live Lebanon and individuals, private sectors, and companies that want to contribute to the cause. The relationships that the Goodwill Ambassadors form for Live Lebanon make projects possible by providing essential funds for different initiatives.

 We also receive donations from generous individuals through our website. They are groups of students, diaspora members, co-workers that decide to donate for a cause, etc.


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