The Golgotha of the Armenian Catholic Clergy (1915-1925), a Book by Dr John Ahmaranian.

The Golgotha of the  Armenian Catholic Clergy (1915-1925), a Book by Dr John Ahmaranian.
One hundred years have transpired from the Genocide which menaced the total annihilation and the entombment of the Armenian people. This book is intended to prove that the massacre of the Armenians one hundred years ago is an irrefutable and undeniable fact despite Turkey’s efforts to distort it.

2) To provide the reader with the salient aspects of the Armenian massacres in general and the martyrdom of the Armenian Catholic clergy in particular.

The author has mentioned in the introduction of the book, that “Today, all Armenians over the world give more attention to the national and political aspects of Genocide than to the religious aspect of Christian martyrdom”. By publishing this book, we wanted to emphasize the religious aspect of the martyrdom of the Armenian people and its clergy.

Although human memory tends to soften up the blows of the sad past, nevertheless, the terrible massacres of the Armenian Genocide that occurred 100 years ago must not and cannot be reduced to a smoke screen. Therefore, the author by showing the suffering of  the  Armenian Catholic clergy, wants to  describe how the entire Armenian people suffered the same tragic fate. Bishops, priests, nuns and lay people were subject to deportation, death march, drowning, killing, torture, starvation, live mass burial, rape and burning. They refused to be converted to Islam.

3) The author points out the situation of the thirteen Armenian Catholic dioceses before and after the massacres.

All the Armenian Catholic churches, except in the city of Mardin, were destroyed. In the village of Ter-meh (near Samson) and in the city of Erzurum, the churches were transformed into mosques. In the city of Erzincan the church was transformed into a public bathroom. At the town of Husni-Mansour, the Armenian Catholic church was pillaged and the chalice was thrown in the toilet. Policemen wearing the religious vestments parodied the Holy Mass.

4) This volume has been written with no vengeful motivation. Our Christian faith repudiates hatred and vengeance. John Ahmaranian hopes that this book will help make such crimes impossible in the future. He wanted to awaken the conscience of the civilized world in claiming justice for the Armenian people….

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The Golgotha of the  Armenian Catholic Clergy (1915-1925), a Book by Dr John Ahmaranian.

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