Joumana Bou Fakhreddine, a knowledge seekers journalist, with a huge project about Gibran.

Joumana Bou Fakhreddine, self described Biography          

Joumana Bou Fakhreddine is an independent  investigative journalist, working as a freelancer  since 1999.   Surfing the ebbs and tides, of life events with passion and will, to fulfill her blossoming career. Few beautiful people touched her with buds of inspirations, to start her journey as an independent author, composing her first English book ” Alive” a book about Gibran Khalil Gibran, that will be a first book among series of books,  crowning Lebanese geniuses voices and make their word of truth aloud with no borders.  

Joumana’s vision of life: beauty begins with  a word of truth, portrayed by Gibran.

” In truth we only talk only to ourselves, but sometimes we talk loud enough that others may hear us”

You can reach her at : [email protected]  



BA: Communication Arts,Lebanese American university, double emphasis “Journalism & Radio TV (Beirut Campus) . High School: Lebanese Evangelical school for boys and Girls ( Jamhour).                          

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Joumana Bou Fakhreddine, self described Biography

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