World president Alejandro kuri Pheres appointed the members of the WLCU “unification dialogue Committee”.

Based on the decisions of  the WLCU world council meeting which was held in Los Angeles – California on December 6, 2014,the WLCU World President Mr. Alejandro Kuri Pheres announced the formation of a special committee for the purpose of
engaging in dialogue with other WLCU entities that are based in Beirut, Lebanon. 

 The committee will be formed by:
– World President Alejandro Kuri Pheres
– Former World President Anise Garabet
– Former World President and President of the Trustees Council Elie Hakme
– Former World President Michel Doueihi
– Former World President Bechara Georges Bechara
-Former  World President Eid Leba Chedrawi
– World Vice President for Africa Najib Khouri Mikhael
– President of the National Council in France Edmond Abdel Massih.

This committee will initiate the necessary actions to achieve the WLCU unification, and
its main objective is the benefit of Lebanon and its Diaspora.

The world president will call for an extraordinary meeting to discuss and vote on the decisions to be taken.

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