Lebanese- Portuguese, Safa Dib, the youngest politician, running for European Parliament

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Portuguese-Lebanese running for European Parliament
May 23, 2014 07:30 PM

The Daily Star

Safa Dib, the youngest candidate running for the European Parliament. (The Daily Star/NNA, HO)
Safa Dib, the youngest candidate running for the European Parliament. 

BEIRUT: A Portuguese of Lebanese descent is the youngest candidate running for the 2014 European Parliament election, Lebanon’s National News Agency reported Friday.

Safa Rashid Dib, 28, is running on the ecologist party The Greens’ list and is among dozens of Portuguese candidates hoping to win one of the 21 seats allocated to Portugal in the European Parliament. The election is scheduled for Sunday.

The state-run agency said Dib’s parents are from the village of Kfar Mattain Aley and fled Lebanon during the Civil War. They first immigrated to theUnited Arab Emirates and then to Portugal, where she was born.

Lebanese communities spread across Europe have launched campaigns in support of Dib, who has reportedly written several research papers on Lebanon and the Middle East.

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