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Learn more about Patricia Atallah,the new editor in Chief of the French Section.

Patricia Atallah’s biography


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“Whether in marketing or music, the action in which I am involved always carries unifying messages.”



Patricia Atallah grew up in France. She continued her studies in Paris. Graduated with a Master in Marketing and International Affairs, she has specialized in this area hoping to contribute to Lebanon’s recovery. Trough the community manager’s status, she combines the art of communicating with new technologies and new media, at the same time as managing multiple blogs and sites, mainly about Lebanese activities. But the aim stay the same: gathering people on transmission of knowledge, thoughts, cultural wealth, exchanges, meetings and sharing. Promoting Lebanon is her motto.


With a sixth sense for music, this naturally led her to take singing lessons and piano at the conservatory and private lessons with the great soprano Rima Tawil. Patricia Atallah’s field of expertise is the classical arab music and sacred music. With a natural occidental voice, she is specializing in operatic arias, working keenly the vocal technique. For her, singing is a patriotic commitment, a peacekeeping mission and a sacred means that allow her to convey a profound message of peace and reconciliation.


Very active and involved in the Lebanese diaspora, Patricia Atallah takes part in many concerts and dinners given for the benefit of her native country, such as : Gibran Khalil Gibran’s show on 2008 at the UNESCO in Paris organized by the UCLM France section to help Ain Eben Hospital in South Lebanon, or the charity organizations AEFL (Association d’Entraide Franco-Libanaise), Anta Akhi (assist youth with severe disabilities), Oum El Nour (fight against drugs), FFL (Fondation du Foyer Franco-Libanais), AJFE (Anciens de Jamhour), Anciens USJ, …

She also sang in several councils in Paris and the suburbs, at the Arab World Institute in Paris, at the Zenith of Paris, in a lot of churches. Finally, she run for fourteen years a choir of young emigrants, born here in France and full of enthusiasm and good will which, despite the language barrier they try somehow to break, nothing is impossible. His greatest reward is to have sown the seeds patiently and find years later that these same children, now adults, still sing these songs, always with the same smile.


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