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Celebrated sculptor, Jose Ramiz Barquet, passed away, but his legacy lives on through his many sculptures in public spaces to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Puerto Vallarta has lost one of its most respected and talented residents. Celebrated sculptor, Jose Ramiz Barquet, passed away earlier this month due to heart failure, but his legacy lives on through his many sculptures in public spaces throughout town that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Ramiz Barquet, 1920-2010 (
As the creator of several monumental sculptures on permanent public display in Puerto Vallarta, it could be said that Ramiz Barquet was the artistic patriarch of the community. His first public sculpture, Nostalgia, was the second sculpture to be mounted on the Vallarta’s ocean promenade, the Malecón, when it was installed there in 1984.

Nostalgia is a testimony of the Puerto Vallarta love story between the sculptor Ramiz Barquet and his wife Nelly. Here a love was born that survived time and events, growing into a passionate reality.

Other notable works by Ramiz Barquet include:

El Pescador 1996
Located at the triangle formed by the meeting of three streets (Libertad, Agustín Ramírez, and Insurgentes), this sculpture depicts an image from Vallarta’s past: a bare-footed fisherman, his pants rolled up, with the day’s catch slung over his shoulders. Sculptor Ramiz Barquet called the fisherman Isidro.

Tiburón en Espiral 1996
Barquet sculpted this piece in honor of the shark itself, which he sees as one of the most physically perfect and efficient creatures on earth. He named it Casper after one of his friends, Gaspar Elizondo. The sculpture is located where Púlpito Street meets Los Muertos beach.

Rincón del Junglar 1999
This piece depicts a minstrel playing a flute. Located where Galeana Street meets Hidalgo Street, the sculpture is surrounded by a public sitting area.

Un Niño, Un Libro, Un Futuro (“A Boy, A Book, A Future”) 2000
Located outside Los Mangos Library on Francisco Villa Street, this sculpture of a boy sitting and reading a book recognizes the importance of both education and the role Los Mangoes Library plays in the community.

Patron Saint of Cooks 2008
Located on the Malecón extension near Vitea Ocean Front Bistro, this sculpture of Saint Paschal Baylon, the patron saint of cooks, honors chefs from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and abroad.

An article published by, describes the memorial service held in the sculptor’s honor:

On Wednesday, July 7, City Hall honored the late Ramiz Barquet, a great human being and artist, who passed away recently.

The memorial service was held in the City Hall’s courtyard, and was attended by family and friends of the artist, as well as by city officials. Architect Rafael Mijares, José Diaz Escalera and photographer Sergio Toledano gave eulogies.

One of the most emotional moments in the event was when the mayor presented of a recognition to the memory of the artist on behalf of the people and government of Puerto Vallarta. Nelly Barquet, the artist’s widow, accepted the recognition plaque.

All speakers coincided that Ramiz Barquet was a great person. They spoke of his great spirituality, his profound knowledge of art, his fantastic romanticism and the legacy, by which he will be remembered.

Ramiz had many qualities: he was clever, talented, had a deliciously black humor, and a great sensitivity, which his body of work reveals.

Nelly Barquet was visibly moved by the homage paid to Ramiz, and addressed the audience to say “Ramiz would have never thought there were so many people gathered here,” and thanked everyone on their support in such difficult times.

City Council members Ana Carina Cibrian, Ignacio Guzman, Ricardo Uribe, City Hall Secretary General Adrian Mendez and Art and Culture Department under director Monica Venegas were in attendance at the memorial service.

Everyone here at BanderasNews extends our condolences to any family or friends reading this for their loss.

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