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Decoration to the rank of Knight of Arts and Letters of Bahjat Rizk,By Emile Nasr

Decoration to the rank of Knight of Arts and Letters of Bahjat Rizk
bahjat decorated

Yesterday, we were numerous to come to congratulate Bahjat Rizk for his French decoration. The atmosphere was friendly, as everyone had responded to the invitation and nobody thought it was possible to miss it, convinced that this decoration was fully deserved.

Bahjat Rizk’s relationship with the Cultural Agenda dates back to only a few short months, but the place that he quickly occupied in our columns and among our readers is immense. Invariably, his monthly column entered as soon as it was published into the category of ‘most read articles’. The reason is simple. It evokes what our readers want to read, a measured message, full of nuances, and still valid. It addresses fundamental problems with elegance, almost in a nonchalant manner, but so thoughtful, ripened by long experience that many of us did not suspect.

His speech that you will read later is obviously not the last, as you will have the opportunity to hear others because if decorations are needed to reveal the merits of a man, Bahjat is on the right track to receive many more .

Our sincerest congratulations to Bahjat. We remain convinced that this decoration and the following will only serve to increase his presence in Lebanon through his writings, a country that is in so much need of men who preach tolerance, openness, and men who remain convinced that this country has a message to deliver, and who have the gift to deliver it loud and clear.

Emile Nasr

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