Between WLCU and the Lebanese Government:The Dark Times Story,By Dr Antoine Bouabboud Harb

The Dark Times Story:

Between WLCU and the Lebanese Government

From time to time, the press surprises us with some sporadic, somber, and childish publications, hiding the truth about WLCU and deliberately ignoring the dark times of the Syrian occupation. The ministry of Immigration and its controversial offshoot the directorate  of Emigration illegally supporting the group of  Mr. Nasser, are the best personification of this bad omen that plagued ever since the relationship with WLCU and its last legally elected President Michel Doueihi.

It is of no surprise, why this same directorate is overwhelmingly busy, issuing hundreds of ridiculous oversees irrelevant decrees and resolutions to counter-attack the legal WLCU.

How many times did this directorate  try to put the mother WLCU under siege by appointing opposing groups, and by finally confiscating in 2001, WLCU’s offices in Lebanon, after it strongly endorsed the withdrawal of the Syrian occupation army from Lebanon? This open war, definitely had a decisive negative impact and crippling toll on WLCU, a once global, giant, dynamic Lebanese organization. Despite the old “new” lies of consecutive proxy governments, blaming WLCU involvement in political games, WLCU succeeded lately in becoming a member and recognized by the UN’s ECOSOC as a full, legal, global cultural organization par excellence.  WLCU was instrumental in liberating and bringing peace and sovereignty to Lebanon. WLCU prides itself in always standing by its people and brethren in the homeland in time of war and peace alike. The call to serving Lebanon is not that of a resident’s exclusivity. Serving Lebanon is a sacred duty involving all Lebanese, immigrants and residents alike. We at WLCU have never been, and will never be, part of this hideous and nonproductive political AZARYAN-March axes. We at WLCU, never had, and will never accept to sit at the shameful table of confessionalism and Al Taeifyat.  We at WLCU are Free Men and Women, the first to harbor and proclaim the voice of Democracy and Freedom with pride and courage.

We at WLCU were the first to refuse to take the “bait”, and the acceptance of the creation of the so-called “Wizarat Al Moughtaribine”, “Minister of Immigration”, then orchestrated by global and local evil players in order to smother WLCU in the cradle. The goal was to silence the last voice of freedom and sovereignty, cripple the only overseas dynamic organization, and destroy the last ramparts of Lebanon forever, last lighthouse of freedom, democracy and cultural diversity in the Levant.

At WLCU, we will never forget the destructive effects of Decree # 1 , 2 & article 12, concerning the dissolution of WLCU. All government attempts to kill the legality and independence of WLCU miserably failed. Despite the tremendous efforts of the “Main Mise”, WLCU won the legal battle against those decrees, but the decisions unfortunately are still buried in the ministry drawers, for obvious political reasons!

Despite the open waged wars against us during the Syrian occupation, WLCU stood firm and promises to always fight for its freedom, with open hands and hearts.

WLCU nobly acknowledges that we have differences but are not enemies. Difference is a Sacred Right.

WLCU will prevail.

Dr. Antoine Bou Abboud Harb

Former WLCU Consultant,

Member of the French National Council.

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