By-laws and regulations of WLCU North American Regional Council (USA and Canada) signed by Late Regional President Dr Alfred Saad and became effective starting from 3rd September 1996.





Regulations of the Presidency of Councils of States and Provinces In the Geographical Region Of U.S.A. and CANADA



Remark: The word “State” in these regulations applies to State in USA and

           Province and Territory in Canada



Article One: Councils of States

            – A – Each State is entitled to have one State Council in which will be represented all heads of  branches in that State as well as heads of Clubs, Societies, Confederations, and Institutions.

– B – Every three branches or above will be entitled to form a State Council.

            – C – No State, whatever may be the number of its branches, is entitled to have more than one State Council. When a State has less than three branches it may form a State Council after obtaining the approval of the Council of the Geographic Region and that of the Central Secretariat General with Excused Reasons..

Article Two: State or Province Council

            – A – State Council consists of one President, two Vice Presidents, first and second, of Assistant Vice Presidents for Information, General Public Relations, and Emigrants Affairs, of one Secretary, one treasurer, and two councilors.

            – B – In each State or province, Heads of branches will elect, by a majority of 50% plus one, a president to be called President of the State Council. They will also elect with him the first and second Vice presidents, the Secretary and the treasurer.

            – C –  The term of the president is two years non renewable or extendible. He cannot be reelected before the lapse of one term of presidency after the expiry of his previous term.

            – D – Votes will be weighted in accordance with the number of members as specified in article (2), para (e)

            – E – Every thirty members, the minimum number entitled to form a branch, will have one vote. Thus a branch with sixty members will have two votes. Fractions of votes will not be counted.

            – F – A member will be considered in good standing when he fulfills the following conditions: a) holder of a membership card of WLCU in North America, after having paid $20 – his dues to the branch for that year, b) his Branch has paid the yearly dues for him of $10 – $ 5 to each of the Secretary General for Finance and the Continental President for each year and for that year, (c) a statement of clearance account is submitted by the voting member to the Committee during the polling session.

            – G – Heads of branches will be served in writing 30 days before the appointed date for holding the polling session.

            – H – The quorum of the polling session will be calculated in accordance with the vote weights.

                     For the first session when two thirds of the State votes are present.

                     For the second session when the absolute majority are present. Heads of branches present in the first session will appoint the date for holding the second session which may be held either immediately or at a future date.

            – I – The polling session is restrained to the attendance of the President of the State Council and branch members only.

            – J – A candidate to President of State Council should be in a position of Head of Branch or equivalent position. Upon election the result will be reported to the Continental President and to the Central Secretariat General together with the minutes of the session and a list of names of the members of the Council. 

Article Three: Authorities

            – A – A State Council has the authority to execute the decisions of the World Conference and those of the World Council and to coordinate between branches, clubs, societies, confederations and institutions in its own State to ensure the cooperation and interaction between them.

            – B – A state council will hold a meeting whenever a need to it arises or, at least, once every six months.

            – C – A sate council will send routine reports to the Continental President and to the Central Secretariat General, at least once every three months, detailing situations of branches and new events there in. it will also send reports and lists of new branches together with the formation reports of such new branches.

            – D – The President of a State Council will be the liaison officer between branches of his sate and the presidency of the concerned Geographical Region.


Article Four: Amending the Regulations of a State Council.

            – A – Each of the members of a State Council is entitled to submit propositions for amending its regulations.

            – B – Amendment decisions will be taken by a majority of two thirds of the weighted votes.



Councilor                                Councilor                                President

Dr. Boutros By Younis           Farid Jabr                                Dr. Alfred Saad

Signature                                 Signature                       Signature and Stamp  of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Presidency

                                                                                          U.S.A. & CANADA



These regulations will be attached to the internal regulations of all institutions of WLCU in North America and will become effective starting from 3rd September 1996.


Translated by B.C. Council of WLCU.


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