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A young Lebanese researcher at war against cancer at the University of Indiana,USA.

A young Lebanese researcher at war against cancer


Lida Mina.

FREE REIN “I always knew I wanted to become a doctor. “


In an article on the news website early July, it was described as a rising star in the School of Medicine at the University of Indiana. It is Lida Mina, Co-Director of the program of breast cancer in high-risk famous Simon Cancer Center at Indiana University (IU) and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine. 

Medical degree from the American University of Beirut (AUB), she decides there ten years to pack up and leave to settle in the land of Uncle Sam, Her destination: the city of Indianapolis, capital of the State of Indiana, in the eastern United States. Known city, among others, to be a real education center. Behind her choice, a resident position at the Faculty of Medicine, IU, prestigious establishment listed in the top 100 best universities in the world according to the classification established by the Times Higher Education.

“I found the UI programs by reading medical articles that cover cancer research,” says the young researcher today thirties, who says: “I always knew I wanted to become a doctor. “Her decision to specialize in hematology-oncology was taken following the diagnosis of one of his cousins ​​leukemia, rare but serious disease, commonly known as blood cancer.

After completing a fellowship in hematology-oncology always at IU, Lida Mina joined the research team at Simon Cancer Center in 2011. “The research group is very good,” said the young researcher, adding: “It was not the only place where they interviewed me, but it was one of the only places I wanted to integrate. “

Thousands of patients ( 40,000) annually to turn the Simon Cancer Center to quality care. The oncologist and researcher Lebanese mother of two children, divides his time between patient care and research to find a cure for breast cancer. “Breast cancer is common. One in eight women suffers. And it can affect anyone. Research allows me to do something that could make a difference. “

Her research focuses on the discovery of new drugs against breast cancer triple negative, a particularly aggressive type of cancer and prognosis.Research objectives also include the prevention of disease and the identification of underlying genetic links to breast cancer. 

Along with research, Lida Mina is passionate about her profession as a doctor.She concludes: “I love the contact with patients. I’m not a doctor like “a unique and rapid response” (one and done kind). I want to build a good rapport with patients, helping them to get better and make a difference. “



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