International multilingualism conference: Language can be a conduit to justice

In Memoriam . Mr Leon Garabet,(the father of Anise Garabet) has passed away peacefully at his house in LA.

 The WLCU have the regrets to inform you that     Mr. Leon Garabet, LEON GARABETH
has passed away on Saturday the 8th of February 2014 in his house in Glendora, California .

He is the father of our friend and colleague Eng Anise Garabet  (Past World President of the WLCU, and Chief Executive Officer of the NGO committee).

He leaves behind his wife Margaret, his children Anise, Maurice, Tony and Rita.

He was a respectful businessman, who emigrated from Lebanon to the USA in the early seventies.He is well known in the business community in Lebanon and the USA.

May he rest in Peace. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

 Allah Yerhamo and our condolences to Anise and to all the Garabet family  in Lebanon, Europe, USA, Chile.

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