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A group of young Lebanese created an ” Internet health portal”: eTobb, a medical portal for the public.

A group of young Lebanese  created eTobb a medical portal for the public.

e tobb

The team eTobb.

Paul Saber, Sarah Helou, Nader Dagher and Jad Joubran of Lebanese youth 18 to 24 years, created and launched in February, Internet health portal: eTobb. For more information:Site visit:

Question – What is e-Tobb? 

Paul – This is a free site, in English, for all age groups. It provides contact with physicians to ask questions and get reliable answers from them. 
We found that for each health problem, people are forced to consult a doctor so that sometimes they want is just to find answers to their questions. e-Tobb was created to address this need. 
To date, 15,000 people have already registered to the portal and more than 500 physicians are accredited to answer questions and advise users of health.
You just different universities How did you meet? Paul – In the offices of the accelerator start-up Seeqnce. Nader graduated in graphic design from the Middle East University in Beirut (MEU). Sarah and I are graduates of AUB in business and management, and Jad is a student in the second year computer engineering at NDU. 
How did the idea of eTobb? Sarah – It all started with a pretty way commonplace. I had back pain and I was wondering … I told Paul that I had known since his high-school in Jeddah where I lived at the time. It was he who had the idea of a medical portal similar to that which already exists in the United States adapted to Lebanon and neighboring countries. At Seeqnce we met Jad and Nader were packed by the idea.
 Must I register on the site to get in touch with doctors? Sarah – In the first step, it is not necessary to register because as soon as you access the Site, you are asked your question. If a question similar to yours is already on the site, answers unfold on the screen. If you want further details, then you must register. A doctor will respond within twenty-four hours. registrant remains anonymous.Only the name she gives the age and sex appear.
 Which agreement with physicians staff? Paul – For a doctor to have access to the portal, they must sign a charter agreement. It must be registered with the College of Physicians.Doctors do not have the right to prescribe drugs on the site. And though their profiles are displayed to indicate their specializations, they can not advertise on the portal. They work a voluntary basis, without compensation. These professionals give their opinions and share their knowledge. Other doctors who read the answers may agree or disagree with the advice given, and join the conversation on the forum. 
Which questions that come up most often?Will he red lines? Sarah – Essentially questions concerning sexuality, since the subject remains taboo. Several women asked for advice to get the hymen reconstruction before their marriage. Operations are prohibited by law. They are part of the limits we have set, and that physicians may not exceed Sometimes patients wonder about serious illnesses, such as cancer, to have a different look than their physicians. 
How do you fund the site? Paul – We already have a sponsor, an insurance company, and we intend to find others.
Future plans? Paul – We intend to develop portal in Arabic for a wider audience, especially in Arab countries. Later, we plan to offer it in French for the Maghreb countries.

 Interview by Karine HAYEK GERMANI Site visit:

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