Three Books by Nazam Anhar (Sydney, Australia):Milad the Voyage to Ophir , Scrimshaw,Dragon Hunter

Milad: The Voyage to Ophir (2008)


Milad is a Phoenician boy who has always dreamed of the exciting life of a sailor, but his first voyage as a ship’s boy brings more than he ever imagined: pirates, treasure, spies, a mysterious stowaway, a dangerous journey from the wilds of Africa to the pyramids of Memphis, and a meeting with the great King Solomon.

Milad joins a fleet of Phoenician mariners on an expedition to Ophir, deep in Africa. But before they reach their destination, the fleet is attacked by a notorious pirate.

So begins a great adventure, as Milad must save a casket of sapphires from falling into the hands of the pirates. He carries it to the African shore, then begins an overland journey back to Jerusalem, pursued by the pirates. He travels through the wilds of Africa, enduring thirst, attack by ferocious animals, and the marauding pirates, before a final confrontation among the tombs of Memphis.

This critically acclaimed book by Nazam Anhar, published by Scholastic, is the first children’s novel set in the world of the Phoenicians

Milad is available to order in the US from  http://www.lebanesebooks.com/


Scrimshaw (2009)

I was paralysed with fear and confusion. I knew I would not be able to get the boat into the water before the pirates arrived. My hand went instinctively to the pistol in my belt. My only hope was to stand and fight…

Nathan has joined his father for his first-ever voyage by sea – sailing to explore the wilds of the Amazon. But they have not been at sea for long before they are ambushed by pirates. Nathan is taken hostage by the infamous Captain Graham and given a terrible ultimatum: join the murderous pirate crew or face execution. A fast-paced, gripping story with a courageous protagonist!


Dragon Hunter (2012)

         Vengeance will bring them back here. Prepare for battle!

          The village of Shenzing has been dragon-free for so long most people believe that the dragon stories are only myths – but dragons do return and cause untold destruction and death. The village must call on the legendary Dragon Warriors for protection.

          In return for his help, Dragon Warrior Hajur requests a boy to train in his ways, and that boy is Baran. A new life begins for Baran, where he must learn to accept himself, his fears and come to terms with past experiences and the mystery of his missing father.


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