Sergio Daniel Jalil, the founder of the Latin American center for Lebanese studies

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SERGIO DANIEL JALIL, Born in Argentina 1963.  Citizenship: Argentina, Lebanon, USA.


Spanish (native), English, Portuguese (fluent), Arabic (proficient), French, Italian (reading capability and conversational ability)



-Bachelor Degrees in Political Science and International Affairs.

 Catholic University of Cordoba, Argentina 1986.

-Master in Arab Studies and International Politics of the Middle East.

 Graduate School of Foreign Service- Georgetown University, Washington DC, 1989

-Specialization in International Development and International Relations of the Middle East

 School of Advanced International Studies. Johns Hopkins University,, Washington DC, 1989

Work Experience:

-Vice President – Latin American Business Development, Bank Audi (USA) New York 1990- 2000

-Senior Vice President – International Business Development Interaudi Bank, New York, 2000- 2005

-President, Business Advisors International Consulting, Miami Beach 2005 – Present

-Chief Executive Officer, Orisson Group Risk and Disaster Management, Paris, France 2010- Present

-Middle East Policy Adviser to President Carlos Menem of Argentina from 1995-1990. Planned and organized the first       visit of a Latin American Head of State to Lebanon in 1998.


Founder of the WLCU (Argentina) Lebanese Youth.

Founder of the WLCU International Youth Committee and first President of the organization 1985-1987

WLCU World Vice President representing the Youth at the World Council, 1995 – 1997

Academic Experience:

-Professor of  Development of the Modern States of the Middle East. Universidad Catolica de Cordoba 1987

-Professor of Geopolitcs of the Middle East. Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, 1987

-Teaching Fellowship on the Lebanese Crisis, Georgetown University 1988 – 1989

-Assistant to Professors Michael Hudson( Lebanese Crisis) and Marius Deeb (Modern Middle East history)

Lectures and Presentations about  Lebanon and the Lebanese Crisis

In the cities of:  Cordoba, Tucuman, Rosario and Buenos Aires in Argentina. Montevideo, Uruguay.  Bogota, Colombia, Santiago and  La Serena, Chile. Villa Rica and Asuncion, Paraguay. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Pittsburg, PA, Washington DC, New York, NY in the United States of America.

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