To highlight the concept of the LEBANESE IDENTITY based in historical and scientific facts, avoiding the ignorance of its clear significance and only true interpretation. To manifest the principle of defense and promotion of an independent, sovereign, multi-confessional, and democratic Republic of Lebanon, emphasizing the religious co-existence, the inclusive protection of minorities and respect for Human Rights. 

To work on the disclosure and promotion of the Lebanese culture, its history, geography, literature, heritage, customs and traditions, its gastronomy and tourist interests and all the matters related to the Lebanese emigration worldwide. To use scientific criteria sound analysis and educational purposes, focusing specially on the Lebanese communities throughout Latin America, as well as the local general public.
To interact and establish relationships with domestic and international entities dedicated to the studies of Lebanon in particular and the Middle East in general.
To manifest our commitment to rigorous scientific analysis and high academic standards in the subjects studied, upholding the freedom of expression and thought, maintaining the dialogue, and the acceptance of the multiplicity of ideas that will be treated with respect through the open debate and discussions.

The Center is created with the goal of the cultural and academic elevation of the Lebanese Emigration in Latin America with total autonomy but giving special priority and close coordination with the Latino Council of the World Lebanese Cultural Union, providing them with education, training and a scientific base to improve its institutional qualities, cultural credentials and credibility.

The Center will be based in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a second office will be established in Mexico City, Mexico. With the desire to open offices in different cities throughout Latin America in the future.

A virtual digital library will be established with all the acquired and self generated material, which will give easy access to all the members of the Center.

An Annual Symposium will be organized, in which several speakers will focus on a specific pre-arranged subject, from different perspectives. The material will be published and distributed afterwards and video media will be recorded for presentations in other events and venues throughout the region.
Organization and participation by Center member’s in lectures, seminars and presentations in the different institutions of the Lebanese community.
Introduce CELIBAL within the cultural and academic life of every Latin American country, through agreements with universities and educational institutions, seeking to participate in lectures, conferences dissertations and classes in colleges, cultural and social organizations.
Search for talented individuals and newly graduated professionals to expand the main base of academic research and investigation of the Center. Seek the support and foster the development of young professionals, preparing them for future leadership role within the Center in order to expand and preserve the work of CELIBAL.
An Assembly will be established composed of two bodies:
It is the executive and functional organ of CELIBAL, responsible for the administration, development and execution of the objectives. It will be formed by five persons:
a) Executive Director: The official representative of the Center and principal. Responsible for the development, organization, activities and functioning of the Center in coordination with other directors. Is the head of the Center and link with other institutions. Is responsible before the Permanente Consultative Council and reports to the Assembly.
b) Academic Director: Responsible for the acquisition, development and production of didactic material and the coordination of symposium, events, conferences, and scientific works within the Center. Reports to the Executive Director and supervises all the research, educational and curricular activities. 
c) Cultural Director: Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Library, the production and execution of the cultural activities related to literature, music, heritage, customs and traditions, gastronomy, tourism and matters related to the history, documentation and present of the Lebanese emigration in Latin America. Reports to the Executive Director and supervises the cultural activities.
d) Financial Director: Responsible for the management and administration of the Center’s resources. Focused on the fundamental task of seeking benefactors, contributors and patrons. Establishes the budgets and plans the financial and economic aspects of CELIBAL in coordination with the other directors and especially with the Permanent Consultative Council for the resource generation. Reports to the Executive Director. 
e) I.T Director: Responsible for the development, maintenance and functioning for the Web site and internal /external communication systems, channeling on-line information and production of Web events and classes.
The members of the Board of Directors must be professionals, preferably with post-graduate education and academic, institutional and investigative experience in social sciences, with capabilities in business or institutional leadership and management, knowledge and ability to communicate in more than one language, being indispensable the Spanish proficiency. It is stressed the importance that the members of the Board of Directors, have lecturing experience and past exposure and participation in conferences, symposiums, presentations and debates in subject related to Lebanon in particular and the Middle East in general.
Will be composed by six persons highly recognized and with stature within the Lebanese Community of Latin America, through their past and active participation and successful representation in institutions of our community, or having had extensive and reputable work in educational and academic life, entrepreneurial success and highly regarded reputation in public and private entities. Members must possess a vast knowledge of Lebanon, support and sustain the Lebanese Identity and shall devote to an active role supporting the work of the Board of Directors.

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