Remi kahwaji,a Lebanese Canadian, has been accepted to join Captain Philip Beale in transatlantic crossing, May 2014

Lebanese Canadian, Remi kahwaji, a mechanical Engineer student from Quebec,has been accepted to join Captain Philip Beale in the ship  Phoenicia that plans to cross from the old world to America in May 2014.

 CV Eng Remi kahwaji 

Remi met with captain Beale on July 2013, to learn he has been  accepted, as a crew member to join the expedition.

Remi send the following letter to Salim Khalaf,Professor Frank Salameh and Dr Nick kahwaji:

Dear Salim, Dr. Salameh, Dr. Nick, 

This is just a short notification that my application as a crew member aboard Phoenicia has been accepted. Thus it is with great joy that i send you this email to thank you for your precious support that has allowed me to join the expedition to represent Lebanon and the Phoenician civilization. I am currently working with a team of movie makers to create a short clip that can be used to promote the expedition among the Lebanese diaspora. The focus of the video will be to convey the idea that such expedition is not only about history, but also about diverting people’s mind in lebanon to something greater than their fussy political divides that cause death and violence that has been particularly horrifying these past weeks. This movie will help me gather sponsorship for my participation as well. Therefore, it would me my pleasure to keep you updated on the progress and share the video once it is complete.

Thank you again for the support and sending you my best wishes from Montreal. 

Rémi Kahwaji
CV Eng Remi kahwaji 

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