Mohamed Khalil. A youth message from Lebanon

11 years old Mohamed Khalil already writes poems, with a strong message:

Proud to be Lebanese

Whether his name is God, Allah or Lord

Should not make you pull out your sword

If He is watching you from up above

He would want your hearts to be filled with love

Religion is only between God and us

Its diversity in Lebanon should be a plus

 If you can hear church bells and mosque prayer call

Then you are in a country that should never fall

Lebanese from different sects have grudges and hate

But they all have qualities that are very great

Some of which are hospitality, honor, and many more

Like kinship and family which is more precious than ore

Lebanese migrate in huge numbers every year

But it is their dream to live and be buried over here

Different sects in Lebanon need the proper education

That shows them how we make one beautiful nation…

                                                Olive Branch

olive1 (4)

  •  My name is Mohammad Khalil.
  •  I am 11 years old.
  •  I was born on August 9, 2001.
  •  I am in the school International College.
  •  I am going from Grade 6 to Grade 7.
  •  I like to play basketball, football, and on electronics (Ipad-Laptop-Xbox…)

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