WSG letter to the President and the Board members of the WLCU, New York Chapter (June 2010)


 Dr.  Nick Kahwaji, WSG

84 Timbercrest Drive, Port Moody B.C, CANADA

Vancouver ,June 17 2010

To the President and the Board members of the WLCU, New York Chapter


As we know, NYC is a strategic and crucial location for the international community where important decisions are made. It is the heart of the United Nation. Therefore, due to the association of the WLCU with the DPI of the UN and the need for a close contact with the international community, the Regional WLCU administrations cannot allow the operation of the WLCU, NY Chapter to appear weak or dysfunctional.


            For the past two years and seven (7) months i.e since the inception of the WLCU -NY chapter, the leaders of this Chapter, did not show any potential management, direction, and/or growth. Thus, after a close review of the NY Chapter operation, it was clearly noted that the current Board, as well as the President, did not meet the standard that is required to strengthen the goals of the WLCU. In other words, the main goal of each and every Chapter created is to enhance such purpose:


  1.  Creating a healthy and friendly atmosphere among all the members and the Lebanese Community
  2. Commitment from the Board and the President to enhance the learning of our children of the Lebanese Heritage and
  3. To be proud as being part of this heritage.


Therefore, we, the WSG after consultation with  the Regional WLCU Administration found that many Constitutional and By-Laws violations were instituted by the Board and the President who also failed lately to hold an Election meeting in the month of May, 2010 for a newly elected Board of Directors.


            As a result of the many violations, (available to all for review upon request) we are convinced that:

1) The leadership of this chapter requires a better committed board, which is responsible, a board of strong belief in the WLCU goals, that works in harmony, has the ability to communicate, is willing to work with the regional administration, and strongly respects the Constitution and the By-Laws of this organization.


IN CONCLUSION: we, the WSG of the WLCU declare the following:

 1.The Board of the WLCU, NY Chapter, and the President do not possess the ability to assume leadership of NY chapter.                          

 2.The Board of the WLCU, NY Chapter in its entirety, and its current President, must immediately remove themselves from such position.

 3. We have appointed Mr. Francois Naaman, to act as President for a period of time not to exceed one year for the re-construction of the NY Chapter.

 4.Mr. Naaman must act immediately by contacting our community and soliciting new members to join the NY Chapter.

 5.Mr. Naaman must assign a temporary Board (VP, a Treasurer, and a Secretary) and must schedule a date for new election.

        Yours  truly.

 Dr.  Nick Kahwaji, DDS

      WSG of  WLCU

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