The problem here does not lie in the pretext invoked by the US authorities, but rather in the mechanism that allowed them to detect and confiscate the funds. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) A unique Social Network platform, By Charbel Sarkis

The Cedar Wings intends to establish the Missing Link between all Lebanese, residents and Diaspora, by harvesting their social capital between the offline and online.

Since such project has roots in people’s life, I found it best fit to establish for the following group:

 1-      Cedar Wings the OSSN (Online Specific Social Network)

2-      Cedar Wings the Web TV to support the same goal

3-      Cedar Wings Organization to support announced goals by providing the reach and accessibility to other organizations.


Although may sound as a business entity solely, it is fully driven by passion and civic engagement framework (TM) and CedarWings.TV (TM) will be launched in 2-3 months, as another essay to bring together all Lebanese and Diaspora, in a unique Social Network platform.

Currently we are seeking reporters, volunteers, researchers as well as females and males to show in promotional videos of 30-60 seconds, from any country including Lebanon.
Charbel Sarkis

Charbel Sarkis

Please communicate with us at [email protected]  – [email protected]

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You may find hereinafter the link to the updated CW video

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