CADIZ, SPAIN.  July 9-24.  Dr. Habib Chamoun, Professor and Consultant of Business School International Negotiations, as well as, President of the Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC) completed The Study Abroad MBA Summer 2012 special topics course called: International Trade and Business Diplomacy. – Exploring the Phoenician Route in France and Spain following the Libano-Phoenician heritage.

Dr. Chamoun is a Professor and Consultant of Business School International Negotiations.  He has been including in his MBA teachings the Phoenician Philosophy.  Dr. Chamoun has conducted an MBA Study Abroad Program from July 9 to July 24, which is a variation of his yearly successful MBA summer course International Trade and Negotiations at the University of St Thomas Cameron School of Business in Houston, Texas:  

Visit Prado museum  
Students’ visit Museum of Prado  
Attendents and lecturers  

The program started in Houston, Texas with an ICONS Project International Negotiation Simulation from the University of Maryland where the MBA students from Cameron School of Business, at the University of St Thomas in Houston, had an opportunity to explore real time online diplomatic negotiations during the month of May 2012:   

After the International Online Negotiation was over the students traveled together with Dr. Chamoun to several countries in Europe to have a face-to-face MBA course.  The travel program started in Paris for a week at NOVANCIA Business School from July 10 to July 13.   In Paris students visited the Mexican Embassy and had a lecture on Diplomacy between Mexico and France by Minister Jose Felix Polanco.   In Novancia Business School the students were welcomed by Emmanuelle Khvatov, Pilar Gomez de las Heras and Corinne Blostin from International Studies office at NOVANCIA and had a business diplomacy and cross cultural negotiations course with Dr. Doudou Sibide, Dr. Charles Tenenbaum and Dr. Habib Chamoun.  

Then the students traveled to Madrid and were welcome by Alejandra Villena and Carmen Fernandez from the CEU San Pablo International studies office.  MBA classes were held at the CEU San Pablo Business School from July 16-21. Celia Resel and Orlando Rodriguez introduced the CEU Business School where students had a very intensive five days program covering the subjects of International Negotiations and Conflict Resolution with Dr. Habib Chamoun, the influence of Phoenicians in Christianity with father Hernán Pereda Bullich, ethics and leadership with a Leadership Spaniard author and speaker Sergio Cardona Patau and Father Enrique Martin Baena, the Phoenician heritage of the Iberian Peninsula with Dr. Carlos Wagner and Social Responsibility with Maria Ruspoli. The students visited El Prado Museum guided by CEU San Pablo Historian Javier Blanco.

The MBA Study Abroad Program had a grand closing ceremony to deliver certificates of completion for the University of St Thomas MBA students on Friday July 20 at 1 p.m. at the CEU San Pablo Business School Auditorium in Madrid.    At the program graduation ceremony, university officials were present such as: the Dean of the CEU, San Pablo Business School, Dr. Angel Algarra, Fr. Enrique Martin Baena, as well as Dr. Carlos Wagner, President of the CEFYP of the Complutense University, Dr. Habib Chamoun, President of PIRC which is affiliated with the WLCU (World Lebanese Cultural Union), and Mr. Antoine Menassa who represented it.

Dr. Chamoun’s European Study Abroad Summer Course trip had a great closing in Cadiz, a Phoenician Port, on July 23 at 8:00 p.m. Dr. Chamoun presented a lecture hosted by the Cadiz City Mayor Teofila Martinez at the Casino Gaditano organized by CADIZ 2012. Dr. Chamoun’s lecture title was  “Phoenician Gifts to Humanity.” At the end of the conference, he signed copies of his book “Negotiate like a Phoenician” followed. 
The book is translated already in English, French; and Spanish  

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Earlier in Madrid, Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas signed a cooperation agreement between PIRC and the Complutense University CEFYP (Centro de Estudios Fenicios y Punicos) with the objective of continuing exploring and promoting the Phoenician legacy and history. The CEFYP works and research focuses on Phoenician history of the Iberian Peninsula thanks to its Director Dr. Carlos Wagner and a group of researchers.

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