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In Memoriam of Mr. Habib Chamoun Padrelin

chamounSeniorThe father of the Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC) President, Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, Mr. Habib Chamoun Padrelin passed away in Nueva Rosita Coahuila, Mexico on September 4.  Mr. Chamoun left Lebanon to Havana, Cuba in 1954.  Like many Lebanese emigrants of that time, he left to explore new horizons and to make a better life for himself.  He arrived in Mexico City, and in 1958, he married Maria Elena Nicolas (Skaffi) there.  They had four kids, Habib (PIRC president), Yamal (Jamal), Anuar (who passed away at the age of 20), and Soraya.   Mr. Chamoun was a true Lebanese entrepreneur who arrived to Mexico and became a very successful businessman.   

He lived most of his life in Nueva Rosita Coahuila where all their kids were born.   He had managed, together with his lovely wife Maria Elena “La Nena” (who passed away 16 years ago), two commercial stores “El Capricho” and “Las Novedades” for more than 50 years.  The citizens of Nueva Rosita loved and respected very much the Chamoun-Nicolas family, for all these years.  

In the nineties there was a political uprising and a riot in the city of Nueva Rosita.  All the businesses were attacked and people threw stones at the stores, except for the Chamouns’ business because the Chamoun-Nicolas family because they were loved and respected by the people.


Dr. Chamoun said that he has learned from his dad, Habib the principles of respect, honesty and tolerance.  Further, he taught his children to be fair in business, love for their ancestral homeland, Lebanon, the Lebanese Culture and to be proud to be the children of a Lebanese emigrant and to never forget his roots.   Don Habib, as people called him was loved by many people in Rosita.  He will be missed in Mexico, Lebanon, the USA and everywhere he made a contact with people.   He was well liked for his sense of humor and Lebanese character.  

May he rest in Peace.  He will be greatly missed.  Allah Yerhamo 

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