From Cousin Susila?

Dear Mussallem Cousins & Families:


Today is Thursday, 5th July, 2012.  It is the Birthday of our Calgary Cousin, Harry Frith-Smith, brother to Cousin Diane Agle, and son of our parents’ dear sister Marie Frith-Smith, nee Mussallem.

Did you know that our cousin Bill’s son (Dr.)John William Trotter lives in Edmonton, with his wife & daughter Marie Morrison and April Christine?  And into Alberta, on flying working visits, sometimes,
comes dear Aunt Freda’s daughter (Dr.)Lauri Costello.  Of course it is the wish of my heart that you’d meet.
AND SPEAKING OF LAURI COSTELLO, it will be Lauri’s Birthday on Friday the Thirteenth of July, 2012.
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR LAURI.  Lots of Love to you in Dominica. I hope to see you @ Lake Tahoe.
AND, ON THE VERY NEXT DAY, Dear Donna Schreiber, wife of Cousin Tel, will celebrate her Birthday, on 14th July, 2012.  Many Happy Returns of The Day, Dear Donna, for Saturday the Fourteenth! Thank you for all the work you have done in documenting the family Mussallem connections. It’s appreciated,truly.
DEAR KAREN TROTTER HAS HER BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY, 17TH JULY, 2012, and I hope to see her when Emily visits with David as they travel through Vancouver.  It is Ultimate Frisbee night for Karen on her Birthday, but maybe we can round up a celebratory cupcake somewhere along the way while Emily’s here.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR KAREN! (Karen is the mother of my Aunt Wadeai’s Great Grandchildren!)
In Java, there is a custom around Anniveraries of Birth ~ Every 8 years or so a Birthday is called a Windu.  Each eight years marks a certain stage of development of human life in this world.  Our dear Cousin Bill Trotter has a “Windu” on July, 24th, 2012, one week following his daughter-in-law Karen’s Birthday.  When it comes, MANY HAPPY AND BLESSED RETURNS OF THE DAY, DEAR COUSIN BILL, FOR JULY 24TH, 2012.

On a personal note, I would like to say that it is the wish of my heart also, to be with you next month at Lake Tahoe.  There is a chance I will not be able to attend, but I have been working towards being there.  You should also know, that although I am pharmaceutical free, and enjoy normal blood pressure, blood sugar, and normal cholesterol levels, I will not always be able to continue connections in this way, with my Mother Dear Aunt Cleo’s family of origin.
So if you become frustrated with the amount of detail that is typed into one of these email letters,
it is best to remember that they contain names and relationship links for those who may “fog over” on who’s descended from who!  And I will not always be able to continue this connection-keeping ~ so, as a 3rd wish of my heart, I say these details so that we will all know about the descendants and families of Najeeb and Masadi Mussallem, and sometimes even those of Masadi’s brother Solomon, and his family of six.

Love and Hugs, Fondly from Cousin Susila


Love and Best Wishes, Fondly From Susila

Have you explored this Reunion 2012 Venue Online? 

Thank you, Dear Emily!!

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