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Lebanese Dialect – CD and Study Guide

Lebanese Dialect CD, was made by a senior manager at Boeing Mr Ali Chami, based in Seattle ,Washington State .

Mr. Chami a Lebanese descent who is married to American wife felt the need to teach his mother Language to his born American Kids, so he came up with a friendly CD, and easy to teach.

You could check all details and order the CD, and start teaching your kids.

Mr Chami was recognized and honored for his work ,during the 125 anniversary of Kahlil Gibran by the WLCU, in June 2009 in Vancouver.

       Lebanese Dialect – CD and Study Guide 

The authors of the featured book searched the market for Audio tapes or CDs that present the Arabic Language with the Lebanese dialect and could not find any. So, they decided to create their own CD to teach their children the language of their grandfathers. What started as a family project turned out to be beneficial for many people of Lebanese decent. 

Download an Audio Sample

As a result, the product is now on the market and receiving great response. The best response was from a buyer who said that he looks forward to sitting down with his children and learn the language Jiddo used to speak:-)

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