Rivera dressed up for party on Friday July 13, 2012 for completion of the Nomination Ceremony in Square Rivera Sports “Jose Posada and Rogelio Calvente” as well as the opening of the large thermal pool  and allows swimming and recreation throughout the year. The nomination had been consecrated by Law 18,789, and this formal ceremony was attended by national authorities headed by the Minister of Tourism and Sports Liliam Kechichian, Legislators, and the Rivera Municipality Major Dr.Marne Osorio and representatives of all official institutions Rivera, public, guests and the Delegation of the Rivera Lebanese Society with the family of Mr. Jose Posada. The initiative stems from an approach of the Commission’s Support Sports Square Rivera also presided by our compatriot and partner in Rivera Lebanese Society Antonio “Peco” Dorse, and that in fulfilling the Center eighty, was proposed to nominate place with the name Jose Posada. Who was a Lebanese merchant who came to Rivera as many Lebanese, and donated the block No. 284 where today sits the Sports Square of Rivera. The Posada family is a traditional family in Rivera, composed of teachers, workers and traders and are very estimated in the city. And also proposed the name of the first teacher of Physical Education in Rivera, and first Director of Sports Square, Rogelio Calvente. Immigrant also, from Seville, Spain who arrived to Uruguay in 1910 and formed the first team of teachers of this high school which opened in the year 1913. All speakers highlighted the work of the Act the thermal pool and figures honored at the nomination, saluting the presence of all family of Jose Posada and the importance of the gesture that grows bigger with the current importance of the place. After the affectionate words of Mayor Osorio who made references to the family, spoke as closing the Minister Mrs. Kechician who finished saying and pointing her arm to Posada family and our delegation of the Society presence: “…. I welcome the presence of the Lebanese in this act … and I am Armenian…and like to Lebanese …I love them! Thank you. “After the speeches, there was a ribbon cutting, and visited the huge warm inside the pool at work.
 Congratulations to the authorities of the Sports Plaza, to the authorities of the Support Commission, the fighters always anonymous, users, and a big hug to our countrymen and countrywomen Posada Family including our dear Vice President Rivera Lebanese Society, Lelia Dos Santos Posada.                           .                                                                                                                          José María Almada Sad


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