Lebanon Heritage Volunteer Program

The Heritage Volunteer Program

3 weeks in Lebanon: June 25 – July 16, 2012

For youth (18-30) from all over the world

Discover, explore, learn, tour, volunteer and make new friends!

 Join us for the first Lebanese Heritage Program tour, June 25th through July 16th, 2012. This three-week program will immerse participants in an authentic Lebanese cultural experience through learning, volunteering, and touring the country. This unique eco-voluntour program for youth (18-30) will give participants an inside view of Lebanon’s social, historical, and environmental heritage. While the program is open to youth living in Lebanon and youth without any Lebanese heritage, it will have a number of features especially designed for youth from Lebanese emigrant communities abroad. As participants, you will learn about Lebanese culture and history, gain a better understanding of the Lebanese migration experience, see many different areas of the country, and make your own contribution to Lebanese society. And you will go river rafting, moonlight hiking, wine tasting, and much, much more!

The group will stay in three different base camps for a week each –in the mountains, the Bekaa valley, and Beirut– from which they will go out to volunteer, tour, and interact with the different people of Lebanon. An important feature of the program will be the opportunity of participants to get to know other youth of Lebanese heritage from many different countries as well as youth from different parts of Lebanon itself.

 The director of the Learning to CARE Institute and coordinator of this program, Dr. Patricia Nabti, is a cultural anthropologist with a focus on the Arab World who has taught at both Stanford University and the American University of Beirut, and has done important research on Lebanese migration worldwide. She has become a world-class specialist on volunteerism, and is currently theregional representative to the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) for the Arab nations.

For more information about the Heritage Volunteer Program, visit www.ecovoluntours.com.

And to know more about the Learning to CARE Institute, visit www.learningtocare.com.

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