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Special Issue  | May 19, 2012

WLCU 17th World Congress Adopts Resolution on Worldwide Commemoration of May 6, 1916 Martyrs Day of Lebanon

By Appo Jabarian
Executive Publisher/Managing Editor
USA Armenian Life Magazine

In late March, World Lebanese Cultural Union, a popular and the largest Lebanese Diasporan cultural and educational structure, further enriched the impressive history of Lebanese people and Lebanon during a cornerstone week in Mexico City.
Delegates representing over 150 chapters from around the globe gathered in to hold the 17th World Congress of WLCU.

WLCU Holds 17th World Congress, Evaluates Bi-annual Performance, Elects New Officers and Adopts Resolutions

Mexico City — Delegates representing over 150 World Lebanese Cultural Union chapters from around the globe, gathered in Mexico City in late March to hold 17th World Congress of WLCU.

Representatives from United States and Canada, Latin America, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia and New Zealand, converged in Mexico’s capital at the “Centro Libanes” to evaluate past two years’ performance; to review and update the by-laws of this unique Lebanese global structure; and to chart the course for the following two years and beyond by adopting resolutions on future educational and cultural activities.
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WLCU Holds 17th World Congress, Evaluates Bi-annual Performance, Elects New Officers and Adopts Resolutions p.3

Letter From WP & WSG to WLCU Officers & Members p.3

Embassy of Lebanon in Mexico Hosts Reception in Mexico City in Honor of World Lebanese Cultural Union p.4

50+ Reasons to be proud of being Lebanese p.6

Letter addressed by Past World Secretary General to all who worked with Outgoing WLCU administration p.7

Delegations from all corners of Lebanese Diaspora and the Homeland…(A Photo Essay) p.8

WLCU-WSG Administrative Report p.10

In-Between Sessions…On the Sidelines of Congress… p.12

A WLCU Delegation visits Mr. Alfredo Miguel AFIF p.16

WLCU as an NGO and Recognition by the DPI of the UN p.17

DR. Habib Chamoun Champions Phoenician Values p.18

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