WLCU World Secretary General – Memorandum

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Paris on Sept 22, 08

Dear WLCU officers,

Dear WLCU members and friends,


In the beginning of the last quarter of  2008, I would like to prepare with you the program of the coming months.

Please find below some of the most important subjects to deal with very soon, with a deadline to reply before October 10th 08.

Other points will be sent soon in seperate emails such as the next world council and the visit of the World President Mr Elie Hakme to Australia.


1- Following the resolutions of  Las Vegas World Council on April 19th 08 and the resolutions of the World Council that took place in Lebanon on July 24th, you are invited to launch the operation of collecting the 300 thousands dollars that are necessary to realize some projects discussed in both of the world councils, such as learning lebanese and arabic online, or another very important new project that will be discussed in the next meeting.

I remind you that it was decided to find about 60 donators in each of the world Regions (North America, Latin America, Brazil, Australia, Africa and Europe) capable to donate about at least  1000 US$ per year. These donators will be considered the sponsors of the projects that the WLCU is working on. Each chapter or National council will find the best way to thank these donators.

A special section will be created on our website to publish the names of the donators and the amounts of their donation in case they agree of course.


Mr Antoine Menassa, the Chairman of the World Financial Committee, will coordinate this operation with the presidents of the Regional councils.



2- The Secretary General needs urgently, for a very important publication, that all the Chapters, National Councils, State Councils and Regional Councils provide him with Reports and photos about all what they realised from Mexico World Congress in 2001 until now.

Please give this querry your full attention and reply before October 10th, 08.


3- You are invited to put a schedule for your 3 months coming activities and inform us about it before October 10th as well.


4- Currently, Jeita Grotto and Cedars of Lebanon are respectively in the 25th and 45th rank of the top 77 candidates of theNew7Wonders of Nature Nominees .

Please click on the followning links Vote  and vote for 7 sites beginning with our national sites.


For more details go to  http://www.new7wonders.com/


5- Following the Bylaws, are allowed to vote in the 2009 world congress, the chapters that were registered with the World Secretary General before December  31st 08 and that they paid their dues of 2007 and 2008 before February 28th 09. That’s why I invite all the Regional Secretaries General to send to me as soon as possible all the applications of the new chapters and  I ask all the Regional treasurers to send to the World treasurer the chapters dues of 2007 and 2008 without any delay please.


6- Please find below the letter that the World president Mr Elie Hakme sent to MP Robert Ghanem proposing the help of all the WLCU chapters to the Lebanese embassies and consulates to realise the dream of the Lebanese abroad and the WLCU to allow the Lebanese abroad to vote from outside Lebanon.


19/09/08 GMT 12:00

حاكمة اكد وضع الجامعة الثقافية في تصرف المغتربين في الاقتراع 

وطنية – 19/9/2008 (متفرقات) وجه الرئيس العالمي للجامعة اللبنانية الثقافية في العالم إيلي حاكمه رسالة مفتوحة إلى رئيس لجنة الإدارة والعدل النيابية النائب الدكتور روبير غانم على أثر إستلام هذه اللجنة رد وزارة الخارجية على أسئلتها حول آليات إقتراع اللبنانيين غير المقيمين. وقد أكد حاكمه في رسالته، “دور الجامعة في الإغتراب ووضع إمكانيات كافة فروعها في تصرف السفارات والقنصليات اللبنانية خدمة لتحقيق حلم اللبنانيين المقيمين في الخارج في الإقتراع في دول الإنتشار، وهو مطلب قديم لطالما أثارته الجامعة مع المسؤولين في لبنان ودعتهم إلى تبنيه”. 
========== م.ح


7- Mr Antoine Maksoud, president of Miss Lebanon Emigrant Committee is asking the WLCU to renew the agreement of organising Miss Lebanon Emigrant for 2009.

Before We take any decision, we ask you to send us your feedbacks about 2008 experience before October 10th, 08.


We are very proud that Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2008 is from WLCU Brazil and the WLCU contestants were the majority of the runners this year, which means that it was a successful initiative.

Congratulations to all the chapters that participated and for all the contestants.



All the news of the activities of the elected Miss Lebanon Emigrant Karina Kaddissi, as well as the PR and activities of the WLCU  are available on  www.wlcu.com


Waiting, for your answers,

Best Regards


Georges Abi Raad




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