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Thursday, 28 December 2006



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Re: The Social Affairs Committee                                                                                                                                                           December 17th 2006

Attention:          Miss Soumaya Hanna

                        New Jersey – USA


Dear Miss Hanna

I am proud to appoint you as Chairwoman for the Social Affairs Committee of the World Lebanese Cultural Union. The objectives of this Committee is to promote social and business ties among the Lebanese around the world.

Your immediate mission is to oversee two major projects:

1) The worldwide campaign to equip Ain Ebel hospital in Lebanon as per the recommendations of the World Council meeting held in Victoria , Canada.

2) The worldwide campaign to acquire the Lebanese citizenship to children of Lebanese nationals and their foreign spouses.

It is recommended that you select a team of professionals in all geographical regions to assist you, after consulting with local WLCU officials for approval.

Among other projects, the following guidelines:

– To create social and professional entities that enjoy their own identity under the umbrella of our Organization. Groups such as medical, dental, business, law, media, engineering, sports etc…could be organized.

– To sponsor seminars and trips to Lebanon that could result to mutual benefits for these entities and the Lebanese civil society.

– Sports events in Lebanon or abroad could be organized (Arzyad). Representing the WLCU in events sponsored by others is also encouraged.

– To start a membership drive that would encourage descendants of Lebanese origin to join our Union. The plan may include a movie documentary in six languages to be distributed around the world demonstrating the reason behind the existence of the WLCU, its history, its achievements and the benefits that it provides to Lebanon and its people around the world. This project could be coordinated with the Culture & Heritage Committee.

– To ensure all Geographical Regions are celebrating a unified Lebanese National day such as Lebanon Independence day.

You will be assigned to more activities as you progress. All activities must be approved by the President and coordinated with the Secretariat General.

Congratulations and good luck.


Anise Garabet 

World President


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