Article by Mr. Ken Hanna-Visit of WP Eid Chedrawi & Delegation to South Africa

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Eid Chedrawi wins Lebanese Hearts and minds in South Africa

Date:9th May 2011.

News from Ken Hanna.
Editor” Cedar Leaf”, serving the Lebanese South African Community.

The President of the World Lebanese Cultural union, Mr.Eid Chedrawi continues to gain support in South Africa.
He is on a ten day visit to the heartland of the Lebanese on the African continent.
Accompanying Mr. Chedrawi is wife Haifa, and a delegation of six members from Brazil, representing over 8 million persons of Lebanese descent. Mr. Elie and Mrs. Nuhade Hakme, Mr. Antoine and Sonia Chahine and Mr. Michel and Mrs. Dallas Siriani are from Brazil. Mr. Antoine Menassa is from Paris.

Eid’s tour of South Africa started in the small town of Klerksdorp some 2 hours drive from Johannesburg. It is Eid’s powerbase in South Africa. It is the hometown of many from Haddit el Joubbe his ancestral village in the north of Lebanon.
A convoy of several dozen accompanied Eid 
A Gala Banquet in his honor drew Lebanese from all parts of that area, including Lebanese from Bloemfontein who travelled hundreds of miles to be with Eid.
Eid stressed the importance of Lebanese citizenship when members wanted to know how they can legitimately obtain their Lebanese Passport.
This is very important to the Lebanese in the Diaspora, including, African and particularly South Africa.
Friday the sixth of May was a particularly busy day for the World President. 
A Gala luncheon in his honor attended  by members of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and The Head of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries in South Africa, Father Badwe Habib and his team, a visit to a hospital to visit a sick member of the community and a private banquet in his honor  at the prestigious Michelangelo Hotel.
Sat the 7th May was an eventful day as he toured the Lebanese complex in the Southern section of Johannesburg which has the highest concentration of Lebanese on the African Continent. He visited the Lebanese School which teaches in English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Zulu and Portuguese. It is potentially the finest institution of learning in the Area.
The Brazilian delegation was particularly impressed. They loved the Church complex and mountain in the background .Reminding them of Lebanon.
The evening was graced by a cocktail party at the “Liban” convention centre. 
The entertainment was supplied by renowned Lebanese Concert pianist. Mr. Anis Kairouz.
The Lebanese in South Africa want to tell Lebanon that they support H.E. The President of Lebanon Michel Sleiman fully, and remain faithful in his service.
This evening the Lebanese in Cape Town are reaffirming their full intention to obtain and retain Lebanese Citizenship with strong legal backing.
Eid Chedrawi and his supporters will end their tour with a Gala Banquet on Wednesday 11th May at the Sheikh’s Palace in Johannesburg.
Ten awards will be presented by World President Eid Chedrawi to Lebanese as a token of appreciation.
They have displayed leadership, dedication and commitment to the Lebanese community in South Africa.  Their efforts have been sustainable.
Lebanese have been urged to prepare themselves for the 2013 elections.
South Africa accepts the challenge.

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