Eid al-Shdrawi closing of Agdirt tour

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The world President of the Lebanese Cultural University of the world, who arrived in Beirut, came from Paris at the end of a tour that included Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and France, where he met with a large number of Lebanese diaspora and proliferation events in these countries and discussed the situation with them. In general and put them in the picture of the current situation in Lebanon in the light of what the country is witnessing at this stage.

At the airport, al-Shdrawi spoke about the results of this tour, saying: "Our tour included many countries where we had the opportunity to meet with a large number of Lebanese expatriates who, as usual, have seen all the support and love of the motherland and have shown every willingness to provide more support in the hope that Lebanon will soon move to the bank Stability, lasting peace and unity under the patronage of President Michel Sleiman and the Lebanese Government in the hope that all the political divisions and tensions that threaten the Lebanese entity and the unity of the country that we all love will be wiped out and taken care of. "

He added: "As a Lebanese cultural university in the world, we have emphasized to the Lebanese expatriates, the ambassadors of Lebanon in the countries of proliferation, the need to maintain permanent contact with the motherland and to work with all their energies to convey the true civilizational image of this country, which has suffered so much and which we consider its balance and Its backbone is the Lebanese alienation of the world's prestige through the assumption by many Lebanese personalities in the diaspora countries of higher positions in all sectors, circles and countries that love Lebanon. At the end of the day, there must be a word, whether everyone meets to save Lebanon at this stage that it is currently undergoing. "

"We hope that the New Year 2011 will be a good year for Lebanon with the promise of security, peace and stability for Lebanon, the Lebanese people as a whole, and the Lebanese diaspora scattered throughout the world," he said.

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