A delegation from the World Council of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world continued its tour in Latin America

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The delegation of the World Council of the Lebanese Cultural University of the World continued its tour in Latin America and visited Argentina on Sunday November 2010 to participate in the celebrations of the Lebanese independence anniversary organized by the University branch in Buenos Aires under the chairmanship of Ernesto Saliba.

The delegation included the world President of the university and his wife, Mrs. Haifa, President of the Continental Council for Latin America, Bishara George Bishara, former world president of the university Elie governor and his wife, world Deputy secretary Roger Hani, head of the Lebanon office at the university Tony Saints, chairman of the Committee Business and economics at the university Antoine Mansi, members of the Board of trustees Tony Severe, his wife, Antonio Shahin and his wife.

The delegation attended the Divine Liturgy held at St. Maron Cathedral in Buenos Aires on the occasion of Independence Day, presided over by Archbishop Charbel Merhi of Argentina's Maronite bishops and August Philip Al-Khazen, in the presence of Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud and Ambassador of Lebanon to Argentina, Dr. Hisham Hamdan.

After the mass, everyone went to rue de Mayo Buenos Aires to participate in the celebration organized by the Buenos Aires branch, led by Ernesto Saliba, with the General Directorate of Institutional Relations of the Government of Buenos Aires under the title: "Buenos Aires celebrates Lebanon". The ceremony was attended in addition to the university delegation, Minister Aboud, Ambassador Hamdan, a representative of the Government of Buenos Aires, Mr. Claudio Afrog and ove
r 5,000 people. The ceremony included performances by teams of Lebanese dabkah, singers and music choirs from across Argentina to provide Lebanese folk music in addition to the presence of more than thirty platforms to showcase Lebanese cuisine and to give information about Lebanon and Lebanese civilization to all visitors.

The ceremony was addressed by the Rector of the University branch in Buenos Aires Ernesto Saliba, head of the university's youth branch in Argentina, Elias Khatar, and a representative of the Government of Buenos Aires, Mr. Claudio Avrog, who stressed in his speech: "It is a great joy for us in celebrating Lebanon Day and its message of coexistence, peace and pluralism. This community is the largest in the country in terms of number, and contribution to our society. " He added: "We thank the Lebanese Cultural University in Argentina led by our friend Ernesto Saliba for Coordination and cooperation in the success of this celebration, on 1 November 2010 will remain in the memory of all Argentines."

At the end of the ceremony, Ernesto Saliba gave an honorary shield on behalf of the university's Argentine branch to World President Eid al-Shdrawi as a token of appreciation and respect for everything he does for the university and Lebanese proliferation.

On the morning of ۲۲ November 2010, the university delegation headed by Shdrawi visited the Lebanese Embassy in Argentina and met with Ambassador Hisham Hamdan and congratulated him on the occasion of Independence Day and wished him to convey his congratulations to the Lebanese State and the Lebanese people as they deliberated on the Lebanese affairs of Lebanon.

In the afternoon, the delegation of the World Council of the League, headed by Chdrawi and the presidents of the university branches in Argentina, held a meeting at the headquarters of the University Branch at the Lebanese club in Buenos Aires. The meeting was attended by officials from more than 15 institutions and branches of the university, as well as representatives of the Argentine Youth branch from various parts of Argentina, where they deliberated on university matters in Argentina and many other matters.  O
Tuesday in ۲۳ November, the delegation attended a cocktail ceremony hosted by the Lebanese Embassy in the Mar Maroun Hall. The delegation then visited the Argentine Ministry of Tourism and met with Dr. Hamurabi Noufawi.

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