Salim George Khalaf

B.A., M.A., CEO of PIRC

Salim was born in Souk El-Gharb, Lebanon and had his early studies in its famous school.  After that, he received his undergraduate in both English Literature and Business Administration, with two minors in Music and Theology.

During the Lebanese war, he emigrated from Lebanon to the USA, where he had his postgraduate in Ancient History, in addition to reading Computer Studies and Infography.  As of 1996, he served as Webmaster & Web Developer at Family Health International, a major non-profit organization that works in research, public health and prevention of infectious disease.  His professional work was focused on information management, web development and promotion, search engine optimization, Internet visibility and ranking, web statistics and overall site management. He works in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Arabic.  Further, he has working knowledge of Latin, Greek and Semitic languages.  His passion for history is purely personal not professional. That is complemented by a deep interest in the arts and sciences.  

His contribution to history is presented in his on that is the largest compilation of studies about the Phoenicians on the Net.  It serves as the repository for Canaanite Phoenician studies, Lebanese history researchers and enthusiasts of ancient history around the globe.  Presently, Salim occupies the position of CEO of the Phoenician International Research Center Inc., (PIRC).

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