The World Lebanese Cultural Union is not for sale

Agreement between WLCU Toronto (Elias Kassab) and WLCU Beirut Government office (Peter Ashkar) under the hospices of Directorate of Emigration.

-First the document was signed under the Logo of WLCU Beirut holding the address of the Government office. The meaning is self explanatory.
-The so called “Final agreement” was made secretly and without consulting the WLCU national and regional councils for approval.
-The “Final agreement” was not discussed with the president of the Board of trustees Mr Najib Khoury Mikhael
-The document does not explicitly mention the agreement but rather asks the members to approve it as a final product.
Thus there was no democratic process instilled. 
-The agreement does not ask the opinion of the members about the identity of the “Chosen World President and World Secretary General” but is imposed on these individuals without consultation nor approval.
-The agreement does not mention anything about Article 12 of the ministry of foreign affairs and is accepting of it in disguise.

Why is the group of Mr Albert Matta excluded from the reconciliation? Excluding one group out of three makes this agreement a political agreement with sectarian objective.

Lastly, does Mr. Kassab have the authority to sign an agreement that makes the WLCU lose its non-governmental status without the approval of a world congress? NO HE DOES NOT.
YOU HAVE TO STOP HIM from SELLING the WLCU to the Directorate of Emigration in Beirut.

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