On behalf of the British Columbia Council members, John Badr Letter to RSG Mr Ibrahim Elias, of North America.

 John Badr Letter to RSG of North America.( Sep 2013)

Dear Mr. Ibrahim Elias

Dear Friends

On behalf of the British Columbia Council members,  I  would like to thank Mr Elias for his Letter sent to a good number  of our members;  most of them never received any correspondence from the region for the past five or six years.

Due to the following reasons, we regret to inform you that we are not going to participate in the online Regional election:

  1. According to the Regional by-laws, the election will only happen during a general membership meeting.
  2. Going over the San Francisco minutes of the meeting:

    1. I did not see in the minutes any amendments in regards to the proposal of the election process; nor was it discussed, voted on, approved or disapproved.
    2. What about the Quorum, the agenda, etc. Was the meeting a reunion or an official meeting?  I believe it was a reunion rather than being an official meeting!
    3. The officers list for election is incomplete

In good faith, being proactive, and in scientific approach we came forward and sent to our members in the Region a detailed proposal asking them to revive the Geographical Council. I guess our proposal fell on deaf ears.

I would like to mention here that this is not the first time the British Columbia council members feel ignored and marginalised by the “Region”; the BC Council members’ input is never taken seriously. I wonder why does this happen? I would suggest if the present officers in the region consult with the senior officers to learn how much the BC council contributed to the WLCU during the past 20 years? And still going???

I truly believe that we should get out of the out-dated mentality, ego, and mode of function and follow the North American mode of thinking, modesty, and functionality then we will pave the way to make the WLCU in North America a unique and real organization.

The British Columbia Council members wish you all the best. Good luck to the newly to be elected or already chosen officers!!!!



John Badr (President)

29 sep 2013
John Badr Letter to RSG of North America.( Sep 2013)

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