Integrating WLCU websites into one server and feeding news to WLCU app, a proposal sent to WP May 2015

Dear World president Mr Alejandro Kuri Pheres

as per your request these are our findings:

Re: Integrating WLCU websites into one server and feeding news to WLCU app

The benefits of having a universal brand where all chapters of the WLCU are integrated into one website either by domain alias or sub levels of the existing website are endless.

One universal brand image ( LOGO) that is used by all chapters throughout all digital and social communications will bring brand recognition.

Having one presence on the internet brings a much higher level of recognition to the WLCU as a whole.
When there are many versions it becomes complicated for most people to know where is who and what is relevant.

Having one universal location( ONE SERVER) for all( Chapters webpages) brings more traffic for all, each parts bringing traffic into the WLCU website will automatically spill over to other parts, news, events, members through if nothing else, curiosity.

The largest gain from integrating all chapters is worldwide search engine ranking and the resulting search traffic.

                                          To integrate the domain

1)      Netdatabase needs  the followings: (please KEVIN details what you want) :

–          DNS……..

–          Server/ hosting  info ……

–          Username …

–          Pass word….



  Netdatabiz IT will transfer all information that is to be included into the main website, to existing Categories or by creating new categories in the

We welcome any additional List of desired categories for posting.


      2) World President Office:

– To designate a person to receive a user name and a password to post directly all presidential News and Secretarial news.

– To send a List of officers to receive a professional [email protected]


In the transition period (one to 2 weeks???) both website will be working, when we are ready, the IT  will send the (DNS records????) to change at the domain registrar for


The result :,,,  will show the same website.


 WLCU Applications: After finalizing one universal location, the Netdatabiz IT will be connected to your IT who deals with wlcuApp to create a direct RSS feed into the app.



At a later date we will offer every chapter a unified template for their webpage.



The WLCU –BC council will cover all expenses related to unifying websites and feeding the WLCU app. 

Truly yours.

WLCU BC Council  and  Our Canadian Networking company info:                                   15 may 2015         

Networking Information For Business | Turtle Theory Management 

Kevin Baker
19610 84 Ave
Langley British Columbia
Canada V2Y 1Z4
1 604 888 2342


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