British Columbia Council president Mr Henry Zarifeh answer to the Titanic project of July 2012

WLCU – British Columbia Council president answer to the Titanic project of July 2012

World Lebanese Cultural Union

British Columbia Council

                                               Office of the President




July 13, 2012




Dear Dr. Nick Kahwaji,


Subject: Commemorating the Lebanese who perished in the TITANIC one hundred years ago. 

I would like to commend you on requesting to assign a memorial day to remember those Lebanese people who lost their lives during the TITANIC tragedy. It’s very sad to learn that these people left Lebanon seeking a better life and how their dream was shattered and died with them. The worst part is that many countries remember those who lost their lives and /or are missed but our Lebanese people were forgotten and little effort was made to mention their names or remember them in any prayer. 

Dr. Kahwaji, as you have mentioned, we are active members in BC and that we are small in number but great in commitment; what we have achieved in the past is a proof of our continuity to serve the Lebanese emigrants, the Diaspora as well as the community that we reside in. 

It is an excellent and thoughtful idea. I am aware that you have contacted the Director of the Lebanese Emigration Research Center, Ms Guita Hourani, as well as Mr Guy Jones the president of the Irish Lebanese Foundation- who did an extensive research about the Lebanese in TITANIC and was a pioneer in the Titanic celebration; both welcomed the idea and agreed to join us. 

Thank you for taking the time to contact Ms. Guita Hourani and Mr. Guy Jones. However, my recommendation is that we should form an international committee that will invite people from all over the world, who are interested, to join us in commemorating those Lebanese people who lost their lives. I am sure many people will come forward to join us and it would be a great idea to be honoured and respected at the same level of the other people who were on board of the TITANIC. 

Let’s do it! 


Henry Zarifeh                                                                                                President – BC Council

Vancouver –Canada.


WLCU – British Columbia Council president answer to the Titanic project of July 2012 


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