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Cabriolet Film Festival presented by Melanie Kahwaji at the second day of the international day of the Lebanese emigrant

Cabriolet Film Festival presented by Melanie Kahwaji at the second day of the  international day of the Lebanese emigrant 2016 at SFU.

Good Afternoon everyone, my name is Melanie Kahwaji and on behalf of the Lebanese Youth Chapter, I would like to present to you some information about the “Cabriolet Film Festival”


       In 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon and in an attempt to engage in more art disciplines and skills, “Laboratoire d’Art”, created by Brahim Samaha (Lebanese painter and sculpture) organized Cabriolet Film Festival (CFF). It was the first outdoor film festival of its kind in Lebanon to celebrate the creativity of filmmakers and encourage networking and collaboration among movie experts.


Cabriolet Film Festival is committed to celebrating short films by presenting movies from around the globe. Their aim is to promote Lebanese short films among a larger international audience through its various partnerships from around the world.


            There have been 7 successful editions of short film festival in :

-Beirut 2009 and since is a yearly event, with the next edition in May 2016

-Byblos 2 editions in 2014.

-United Kingdom 2014 during Aesthetica Short Film Festival

-Rome 2015 during Rome Independent Film Festival

– And now in Vancouver 2016 at Simon Fraser University (SFU) for the first time in North America.

Hoping the partnership between the WLCU –BC council and the Cabriolet Film Festival evolves, (and with the support of the Simon Fraser University), we will be able to have a yearly International Lebanese short film festival in Vancouver.

We will now present 6 different short films. Your opinion are encouraged afterwards by filling out a survey.

Please enjoy.


Melanie Kahwaji

SFU Burnaby Campus

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